About Us

About Ashoka MauryaAshoka Maurya is a clothing brand designed in England and inspired by India.


The brand name "Ashoka Maurya" is taken from the Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent. Born in 304 BC, Ashoka Maurya was one of India's greatest Emperors and reigned over most of present day India.


Ashoka Maurya was ranked No.53 on Michael H. Harts list of the most influential figures ever lived in history. When India gained independence from the British Empire it adopted Ashoka's emblem for its own, placing the Dharmachakra (The Wheel of Righteous Duty) that crowned his many columns on the newly independent state, the Indian flag as we know it today.


Taking the colourful influences of our nation and to help promote its rich heritage, a casual lifestyle collection designed by British Indian Awards Winner Ash Gangotra was born.  A premium range of apparel made to be worn by anyone as well as those who want to be patriotic enough to carry the signature of the Indian flag.


To pay homage to such a influential man, the Ashoka wheel badge now adorns all garments in the range of menswear on offer.


All clothing items of the Ashoka Maurya collection have been made using the finest of fabrics with the utmost of care taken to create quality pieces that are both timeless and smart.  Each garment is about offering something which reflects an Indian identity yet expresses both your style and personality.  These have been carefully manufactured in England and Europe to the highest quality standards.


To mark the launch of the brand, Ashoka Maurya has teamed up with CRY UK - Child Rights and You and runs its own donation scheme "Design for a Cause". 

From every item of clothing sold worldwide, Ashoka Maurya makes a donation directly to CRY towards ensuring children’s right to education, quality healthcare, protection and participation in India. 


Our clothes help raise money and that has been the ethos behind creating this truly unique brand with its rich Indian heritage. 


Together we can all make a difference.


Welcome to Ashoka Maurya and thank you for shopping with us.